Conflux, (real name Edmund Sense) is an epic with electrical based powers.

History Edit

Conflux discovered his powers when trying to make a burrito cook faster. This resulted in his wife being electrocuted and this killed her. Conflux was kidnapped not too long after transforming into an epic and eventually ended up under Steelheart's control. Steelheart needed him in order to power the city of Newcago. Conflux was rescued by the Reckoners and moved after Prof destroyed the Reckoners' base in Newcago.

Abilities Edit

Energy Charging: Edmund can charge any electrical device or recharge any depleted battery. A battery or electrical device charged by Edmund is much more powerful than it's original charge.

Transference: Edmund can transfer his ability to other people by touch, or recall the power at will. This does not work on other epics.

Weakness: Edmund's original weakness was the fear of dogs, but he was able to overcome his fear and thus no longer affect his powers anymore.