Dawnslight is a good epic that provides glowing fruit to Babylon Restored and makes graffiti glow. He is a child or teenager in a place like a hospital. Not much is known about him because he is in a comatose state but he appears to have conquered the darkness or was never inflicted with it. He communicates with David by leaving notes in fortune cookies. Many people in Babilar believe that Dawnslight is a myth but there are some that believe he is real. Dawnslight helps David while not knowing whether or not he is dreaming.

Powers (not identified) Edit

  • Enhanced Awareness: despite being in a coma, he stills appears to be aware of what goes on in the city.
  • Reality Warping via Dreams: he can cause multiple changes into the city through his dreams
    • Making graffiti glow
    • cause plants to grow to provide fruits, vegetables and fortune cookies to give out messages
    • make radios run with or without batteries.
    • make the air warm via using the flooding water

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