Firefight is an Epic who appears to have fire abilities, but is actually a dimensional rifter brought forth by Megan Tarash.

History Edit

Steelheart Edit

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We first encounter Firefight in Steelheart as one of Steelheart's subordinates. Most know him as a fire epic. The controller of the Firefight illusion is mistaken to be a male illusionist who is always in the shadow of Firefight.

We find out that Firefight is actually Megan, one of the Reckoners in David Charleston's team.

Firefight Edit

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In Firefight, there's a shift in Megan, and she's able to overcome her fear, thus releasing the evil in Firefight.

Calamity Edit

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Despite overcoming her weakness in Firefight, Megan still has issues using her power for extended periods of time, or for complicated things.

As David pushes Megan to expand her powers, Firefight becomes a separate entity altogether as Megan is able to pull him from an parallel universe that is opposite yet eerily similar to David's universe.

Description Edit

The Firefight in the parallel universe is a fire epic with a standard fire epic portfolio. He is male, and is usually alight with flame. Firefight's clothes do not burn when he is on fire. He can shoot flames, and is on the Reckoner's team.

When not aflame, Firefight has been described as wearing a business suit with a narrow tie or alternately wearing a jacket over tight t-shirt and jeans.

Powers Edit

  • Fire Manipulation - He has the power of fire.
    • Flame Aura - he is usually covered in flames, this serves as his prime invincibility because this protects him from most harm (i.e.: it's strong enough to melt bullets).
  • Flight - Firefight can fly.