Fortuity was a High Epic, who was killed by the Reckoners, with the help of David Charleston. He was a middle-ranked Epic in Steelheart's ranks. Donny Harrison was his bodyguard. Fortuity was a type of guy who did as he pleased as long as he didn't get in Steelheart's way.

It was later that Steelheart let him die so Megan can continue her infiltration of the Reckoners, as Steelheart lost favor in him.


  • Precognition: Fortuity could see into the future for a short time.
  • Danger Sense: Precognition was automatically triggered if Fortuity's life was in danger.
  • Dexterity: Fortuity possessed enhanced dexterity. This ability he kept secret from most people.

Weakness(es) Edit

Fortuity's powers were weakened if he was attracted to somebody.

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