A High Epic is an Epic who cannot be killed by normal means (fists, bullets, etc) due to an defensive ability, called a prime invincibility. Despite the name, not all powerful Epics are High Epics. For example, Regalia, despite being one of the most powerful Epics in the world, was a fragile old woman. It is possible that not all High Epics are powerful otherwise, though a "weak" High Epic never appeared in the series.

With the possible exception of Calamity, High Epics aren't completely invulnerable. It has been said several times that nuclear blasts can and have killed High Epics before, but that it wasn't worth it due to the devastation the bombs created.

List of High EpicsEdit

✝Debatable; though he was killed by normal bullets, he had both precognition and superhuman dexterity and could dodge bullets and other attacks most of the time.
✝✝These characters have more than one prime invincibility, making them practically impossible to kill.