Limelight was the fictitious Epic created by David Charleston and the Reckoners to draw Steelheart out. When Prof was revealed to be an epic, he chose "Limelight" to be his actual epic name.

History Edit

Steelheart Edit

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David created the fake Epic Limelight in order to give the Reckoners a shot at killing Steelheart. The original plan of using "Limelight" included Cody pretending to be "Limelight" and using gauss gun to make fake an energy epic portfolio.

When David is caught under fire by Steelheart's Enforcement, Prof uses his epic powers to save David and reveals himself as "Limelight."

Firefight Edit

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At the end of Firefight, Prof is forced to use his epic powers to save the city from Regalia's bomb. Calamity's darkness takes Prof over and he is transformed into Limelight, a cold epic who immediately murders Val and Exel.

Calamity Edit

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In Calamity, Limelight dedicates himself to the plan Regalia set for him, and he takes over Ildithia and sets out to hunt and kill David.

David confronts Limelight's fear, failure, and in the moment he is weakened, Calamity retakes Limelight's powers. Now removed of the darkness, Prof realizes he must reclaim his powers to save David. When he wears the motivators, he confronts his fear of failure to save someone else, which separates his powers from Calamity's Darkness.