Refractionary was an Epic who worked for Enforcement and was killed by Megan when Cody, David Charleston, and Megan went to retrieve David files on Epics.

Power(s) Edit

Illusion Creation Edit

Refractionary was able to create illusions. According to David, she was a class C illusionist. One flaw in her illusions was they shimmered when light was reflected of them. She also need to be able see the objects/people she was creating illusions around.

Personal Invisibility Edit

Refractionary had class B personal invisibility, allowing her to make herself invisible.

Weakness(es) Edit

Refractionary's weakness is smoke.
Refractionary, along with all other illusionists, can't make herself fully invisible because she needs light to strike her irises.
Refractionary was not a high Epic, thus she could be killed by standard means.